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Job Opening Information Registered Professional Nurse

Position Title
Registered Professional Nurse
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Job Description

This is a professional nursing position involving responsibility for giving care to students and for performing related nursing services such a pupil health screening and notification of defects and communicable disease control requiring judgment and skills. This position differs from the certified position of School NurseTeacher in that there is no responsibility for either classroom instruction or guidance involved. The work is performed under the general direction of a School Physician or School NurseTeacher. Supervision may be exercised over the work of clerical assistants. Does related work as required.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES: Assists the School Physician with visual and auditory screening examinations of students and employees; Administers first aid and emergency treatment to students and employees and may provide one-on-one student nursing care; Prepares and maintains health records for school authorities; Assists at school immunization clinics; Arranges to transport sick or injured students or employees to hospital, home, doctor or dentist office in cases of emergency; Inspects the school plant, playground and cafeteria and reports on general safety and sanitary conditions; Orders, inventories and oversees the storage of first aid and related health supplies and equipment; Consults with attendance teachers, staff members and teachers concerning a variety of health factors related to non-attendance and communicable disease; Prepares records and reports as required.

Civil Service Title
Registered Nurse
Job Qualifications

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Possession of a current New York State professional nurse's registration which must be maintained throughout employment. 

Job Category
Job Location
Special Education

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